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What is ClixSense?

Clixsense is best online earning platform with very stable and clear business model. Anyone can earn money online with out any skill or expertise.

In start you will be earning only few cents by viewing advertisements. But with by completing offers, surveys and tasks you’ll be able to earn a lot.


Step 1: Join ClixSense

The first step into clixsense earning strategy is obviously signing up to Clixsense. Get your free account on by filling a small form with your username, email and password. You will get verification email in your inbox. You have to confirm by clicking verification link in received email. After verification it will redirect to personal information form in which you have to put details for your account, privacy settings and payment receiving method. It’s done.

Register in the link below:

Step 2: Start Earning

Now you can start earning with clixsense. There are many methods of earning available on clixsense. The simplest one is by clicking and viewing ads for few seconds. Other payment options are by completing tasks, offers, winning clixgrid game and participating in surveys.


Tasks are microjobs offered by crowdflower. You have to prove your self capable of performing tasks. For sake of that initially you are not given all work.


Step 3: Get Your Referrals

Referrals are essential for long term income. They may require more than little effort but your effort will last long. You will be compensated for your each direct referral earning activity on clixsense like viewing ads, completing tasks or offer, participating in surveys and purchasing advertisements.


Direct Referrals are those who sign up in Clixsense by clicking your affiliate link. They are your level 1.

Indirect referrals are referrals of your direct referrals in downline up to level 8.


At first you can invite your friends and nearby people confidently to join clixsense. But you should not stop here. Promote clixsense with your affiliate link as much as possible because this ensures you very long term. Very soon I’m going to write some of tips to get direct referrals in your earning stream. So stay in touch with this forum.


Step 4: Upgrade To Premium

Your next goal should be to Premium Membership. Premium membership doesn’t guarantee more work but it helps to boast your income by more commissions from direct referral, upgrade commissions from indirect referrals, clixgrid chances, less minimum payout and more daily bonus. It will help you to reach your goal faster.


Step 5: Get Social On Internet

You can spread your clixsense referral link with power of social media. All you have to do is joining different groups and communities and groups of social networks such as Facebook, yahoo, google, Reddit etc.


Step 6: Help Your Referrals

Stay in touch with your referrals. Keep them guiding and motivating and encouraging.


Step 7: Stay Updated

Stay updated from the website forum time to time so that you will know more tricks on how to earn better.


Step 8: Keep Going

Being competent is the most required trait for clixsense users. Always stay positive and keep working to make your clixsense more lucrative.


Happy Earning

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