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  1. What is this all About?

    This Website is for Anime fans and other people love anime, also for those looking for any forums. It also contains job opportunities for part time work online for everyone on the net. 

  2. Donations?

    This website has it's financial needs, running a game site is a little expensive and it won't move by it's own. Donation is needed to keep this website fully operational. Please Everyone I need your help and support, It will be used for more job opprotunities to help other people. This website will promote job opportunities for all, not only hobby but source of income for all.

  3. Online Part Time Job, ClixSense

    For those who are looking for a part time on the web, I put the link of the Job in my Website at the front page, bottom part, ClixSense, click the link and sign up. It will pay the user every 30 seconds, to view an advertisement. Every advertisement viewed, the user will be paid. The minimum payout is $8.00 and above. There are also some task included upon a user to increase their income, just follow the instructions to get more profits.


  4. What is Work from Home Projects?

    Work from Home Project is a job based online job for everyone. Also for employers and applicants. Everyone are welcome to apply or post a job for advertising.

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Tech Question

  1. What is Affiliate Marketing?

    Join me in forum section, Affiliate Marketing. It's actually a link that will encourage you to join a money earning program in a PTC (Paid to Click) Earn money Every Click, guaranteed to be paid in paypal. Join us for free to earn money, the minimum pay out is $8.00. Join the discussion and be a part join us in Clixsense.

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Trouble Shooting

  1. I can't type in the forums, How to fix this?

    Due to incompatibility in chrome, all users must use Fire Fox browser updated version, in order to avoid problems like this. It works with Fire Fox.

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